Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University, better known as U of A, is one of the most laid back schools in the country. Now, some of you are going to say, “but yea, I went to Humboldt University and that was the most laid back school every!”. Fact of the matter is there is no right or wrong answer. I’m sure they’re both respectively laid back but I know what the hell I’m talking about when it comes to college campuses, so I win! OK, just kidding about that, I’m going to change my statement to the most laid back school in Arizona… that I know you can not argue with. So what’s U of A really like? We interviewed an alumni that was on a lot of different boards and has many experiences to share with you, his name is Herb. No, seriously, his name is Herb.

Me: Herb! What’s up buddy, I’m writing this cool blog to inform people about campus life at different colleges around Arizona. I couldn’t think of anyone better than you to explain what campus life was like at NAU! So lets get right to it, what was Norther Arizona University like?

Herb: Thanks man, I appreciate the consideration for this interview. It was an easy choice for me to pick this school because I grew up in Flagstaff, not too far where the campus is located. I knew some older kids that went there and it seemed like a really awesome and laid back school, I was sold! So once I got there, it was pretty much what I had expected. The best way I can explain it is that a school like Arizona State University has a student population of about 100,000 students, and about 90,000 of them drink heavily. That might be an extreme over statement but you get the picture I’m trying to paint. Basically it seems like 9 out of 10 students at that campus drink. At my campus, it was more like 3 out of 10… But when it comes to smoking pot, I would say about 9 out of 10 students toke it up. That’s the major difference and kind of the vibe you can expect to experience. Everyone is laid back, cool, and focuses on what’s important which is building relationships, having fun, and graduating.

Me: Thanks that is a seriously awesome way to describe the campus life there. So with that kind of culture, what do most students do?

Herb: There’s a wide diversity of different clubs and sports to get into on campus. It’s pretty much like any other school in that sense because there is a huge and welcoming social presence. For the most part you have small groups of kids that are into anything from Frisbee-Golf to playing reggae music. No one really judges you, everyone’s more about freedom of expression and finding themselves. I don’t want to make Norther Arizona University seem like hippy town, there’s definitely a fair share of raging parties and cool stuff like that going on, it’s just not what the school is centered on like some of the other bigger schools in Arizona.

Me: Well, thank you for those insights brother. I feel like other people will have deeper understanding of what to expect if they decide to go to school there. Speaking of school, how difficult was the curriculum?

Herb: Just like any other school, college is tough. You can’t cheat as much as you could in high school and the material is all pretty much the same as other schools¬†as far as difficulty is concerned. Definitely expect to study if you go there.

Me: Awesome, well I think our times run out but I appreciate you getting together with me to speak on your school.

Herb: No problem man! Thanks for meeting with me to hear my story.

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Wildcats for the win!

I’ve only been to downtown Tucson once before to visit my friend who was in a fraternity at U of A. I recently met up with him to answer some questions about being a Wildcat for this blog, but before we get into the Q & A part of this post, I wanted to give you my honest feedback of how I felt about the campus. First of all, U of A has an awesome downtown area with a row of bars that is considered the hot spot for college students in the area. After starting off playing some beer pong at my buddies frat, we rounded up the crew and headed to “the strip”. Once we got to the strip, it was pure chaos, but I mean that in a good way. There were lines out the door for some of the more popular bars, about 10 different types of music being played within 1,000 feet of each other (including live music), and tons of awesome street food being sold by private vendors. Did I paint a picture for you? Hopefully so. I know I was blown away by the scene that I was entering and was completely ready to embrace it. The rest of the night was kind of a blur, but I do remember ending up on a foam filled dance floor, eating street tacos, and getting up on stage to sing karaoke with a live band playing in the background. Pretty cool experience for one night on the town in Tucson.

Here’s some Q&A with my friend who went to the school for 4 years and lived the fraternity life at U of A.

Me: So, what was your favorite things about being at U of A?

Mike: Well, being in a fraternity was definitely a cool experience. U of A is a huge Greek life school, so it was awesome to be a part of that and make life long connections. There was constantly parties and events going on related to Greek life so I had a hard time at first fitting in time for school and studying. After a few months you kind of get warn out of drinking all the time so it became easier to turn down going to parties after a while. The sports at U of A are a lot of fun to attend also, the Wildcats have put together some pretty solid athletic programs.

Me: Ya, I bet that was hard to adjust to the Greek life, but you graduated so you obviously adjusted to it pretty well. What were some of the hardest things about going to U of A?

Mike: Aside from turning down going to parties that were going to be full of beautiful sorority girls, the hardest part was getting good grades. College is a lot different than high school and I quickly realized that cheating on tests wasn’t going to be an option (ha!). I really had to bare down and get into some good study habits quickly which I was able to do. College in general is pretty tough no matter where you go to school so I doubt my struggles were any different than someone who went to any other college.

Me: I remember having a hard time adjusting to college life at ASU too, it’s definitely a nation wide thing. Well, thanks for answering a few questions for our readers out there about U of A. We really appreciate your time!

Mike: My pleasure. Go Wildcats!

Hopefully this post has given you some pretty good insights to what life is like living on campus at U of A. I know a lot of people who weren’t in frats or sororities that still had an awesome time (and their livers are probably thanking them for that). Stay tuned for some more insights into college campuses in Arizona!…